Jenny Duffin - Creative Producer based in Birmingham UK



I am an independent Creative Producer based in Birmingham predominantly working with visual arts as well as multi-disciplinary projects. My work involves bringing together artists, creatives and arts organisations to deliver outstanding projects. I’m a big believer in making the arts inclusive, approachable and accessible whilst maintaining quality.

Producing projects, I always take an accessible approach. Birmingham Loves Photographers and the Birmingham Camera Obscura project are both key examples of making photography approachable to all, in a fun but educational way. Often I achieve this by taking an alternative approach to a subject, usually by keeping things as simple as possible.

My work encompasses event management, project management, programming, fundraising and arts admin. As well as the more behind-the-scenes work I also manage events on-site in addition to facilitating workshops. Working collaboratively taking a big role in what I do, as I think it strengthens work, broadens horizons, and is also a lot of fun! This is one of many reasons which I enjoy working with festivals so much, such as recently working with Flatpack and currently with Birmingham Weekender (formerly Four Squares). The nature of festivals is that they bring together parties and ideas to create new experiences which is what I love about them.


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