What am I up to?

What am I upto?

I usually post updates within my portfolio, but I thought I'd do something different and blog it today!

As of 3rd July 2015:

Birmingham Weekender 2015 (formerly Four Squares) 25-27th September
I'm producing a few bits for the festival:
Open Draw - commissioned to co-produce this with mac Birmingham and Tim Hodgson. Sketchers across the city on Sat and Sun.
Putty - A successfull open callout proposal. An art trail around the city centre, by artists Jan Vormann and Paige Smith.
More TBC

Camera Obscura
The new camera build is now complete, dun dun dunnnn! We're revealing the build properly at CoCoMad tomorrow, but also showing is at the Many and Varied salon this afternoon. 

Creative Alliance
Along with some ongoing Admin work supporting the apprenticeship programme, I am also Project Coordinator for a new online Creative Careers Platform, bridging the gap between young people and creative professionals. We're moving into phase 2, the project (soft) launch was yesterday and we're pushing through towards the full launch in September now, via more testing.

I'm also plotting a couple of things:
Fun Palaces - I'm in the early stages of planning a Fun Palace to take place at BOM. 
Cycley event - Kerry Leslie has asked if I want to plan a cycling themed event with her, early stages but fun fun!