Weekly Inspirations (Week 3)

This week seems to be a particularly colourful one!
Don't forget, if you click on the artist's name it will take you to their website. Enjoy!

Kitty McCall (UK)

I've liked Kitty's work for a good long while, so it's not really this week in particular but still. My 5 year plan is to have enough disposable income to justify buying one of these beautiful chairs.

Laura Blythman(Australia)

Alana Jones-Mann (US)

Edible art this week! Alana is an artistic and culinary genius, check out her website where she does tutorials too: http://alanajonesmann.com. The snowglobe cupcakes (top right in the grid below) are 100% edible, here's how she did them: http://alanajonesmann.com/2015/12/retro-snow-globe-cupcakes/

Tom Pigeon (UK, Scotland)

Sleek geometric tonal designs, with added shiny bits. Right up my street.

Holly Fox (US)

One day I will hold an event which requires pantone biscuits. How gorgeous are these colours?!

jujujust (US/Barcelona)

Also visit the jujujust instagram feed: https://www.instagram.com/_jujujust_/?hl=en

Sabine Timm (Germany)

I'm still not entirely sure what's going on here, but I really like it...