Weekly Inspirations (Week 1.)

I spend a lot of my time gathering inspiration through other artists, designers, makers etc and I've occassionally documented it on this sparse blog, but not nearly as much as I should have. When I was at my parents' house over Christmas I also found some old sketchbooks, filled with artist studies, which seem to be where I got most of my marks when I was studying art (partly explains my career path). SO to try and keep myself inspired, I'm going to do a post a week, of 7 (so it's equivalent to one per day, with me?)  people, projects or even events that I think are ace.  Some of this will also help inform an event I am working on, more will be revealed when I know more. 
P.S. If you can think of a better name for these blog posts, please let me know!

Stephanie K Clark (US)


Sketch.inc (UK)

I originally discovered Becky because of her vibrant broaches on etsy. She's multi talented and all her stuff is lush. (I've just bought some prints as a result of looking at her stuff again eek).

Leah Jackson (Australia)

Smallternative's designs are meant to be for little babas and nurseries, but I'd rather like these pieces in my office!

RUGbyGUR (Portugal)