Weekly Inspirations (Week 2)

All or most of these artists seem to create a range of different work, I've just picked out some favourite pieces, they're well worth checking out further!

Danielle Clough

Katy Ann Gilmore

The patience involved in making these pieces is mind-boggling. Katy also creates 3D installations, as well as large wall pieces and smaller illustrations. 

Camille Walala

This was the hardest selection to choose, as all of Camille's work is stunning. I want my house floor to ceiling in these designs...

Gorman Clothing

This first row of clothing is a collaboration between Camille Walala and Gorman Clothing. Them both together is such a dream!

Photos of Gorman and Walala collaboration by Ben Glezer.

Zack Mclaughlin

Zack's work is incredible, making birds out of paper and wood (his business is called Paper and Wood neatly enough). Amazing craftsmenship and beautiful results.


Liz Payne

I'd quite like to stroke all of Liz's pieces.