Week 10

Edible art / Art inspired food / Food inspired art... 
Remember to click on the artist names for more of their work!!

Patti Paige

This is just the tip of the ice (icing) burg of Patti's brilliance. How gorgeous and springtime-y are these?

Isabella Giancarlo

Sad but brilliant.

Whimsical Cake Company

I've had my eye on the Whimsical Cake Company's Etsy shop for a good while now. 


Mymodernmet have been obsessed with these all week, but I don't blame them. You'd want to frame it not eat it!

Ida Frosk

I've seen a lot of this type of thing, but these tickled me particularly. Look at little Frida's smile :)

Rommy Kuperus

Magnificent. Again, I've seen a lot of novelty food handbags in my time (yes, really) but these take it to the next level.