July in photos

July has been a whirlwind tour of a month. It began with a trip to Lisbon, continued with a wedding, some new work prospects, attending some inspiring arts events and ended with a trip to Venice, an exhibition launch and sadly, the theft of my brand new bicycle. So mixed emotions! Here it is in pictures..




London Art Trip

On 11th April, me and 'the gals' went to London for the day for an art trip. It was a wonderful day of food, art and fun and we all left feeling inspired and exhausted.

We began our trip at The Photographers' Gallery, to check out the newly open Deutsche Borse Photography Prize exhibition. There was a real mix of work, but I was particularly fond of Richard Mosse's infrared work and photograms by Jochen Lempert. I have seen Richard Mosse's work frequently in recent months and this use of infrared film fascinates me. When I was studying, I spent a lot of time in the darkroom creating photograms and I was amused by Lempert's tiny frogs! Jochen's work didn't immediately grab me and I wondered what he was trying to achieve, but after spending some time going around his area of the exhibition, it really grew on me. His humorous and observant use of patterns in nature was refreshing.

Next up was the Halcyon Gallery, for the Dale Chihuly exhibition 'Beyond The Object'. It was bright and beautiful and highly skilled work. It baffled us and we did a lot of gawping upwards. The work lit up our imaginations and led to much speculation as to what the work was based upon. Jellyfish, coral, flowers..

When leaving The Photographers' Gallery, we passed Managing Director of Liberty, Ed Burstell, but unfortunately only realised once he was long gone, why we recognised him. We then moved on to browse the majority of Liberty, enjoying their displays and new designs 'House of Hackey' which were playful designs surrounding animals. I loved their spring gardening displays, with their blossom-beehive-geometric shapes.

Pip & Pop at NN Gallery

I've recently started doing some Front of House work for Northampton Contemporary Gallery, on an ad hoc basis. During my first shift I was in charge of protecting the beautiful artworks of Pip&Pop. These stunning installations are by Australian artist Tanya Schultz.

As it was during the Easter Holidays, there were a lot of under 10s pressing their noses against the gallery windows looking in with awe on their faces. The ones who came inside were equally excited and many of those just wanted to touch the installations. I really don't blame them. They were big mounds of brightly coloured and neon sugars, embellished with glitter, flashing lights, rotating objects.

Chiharu Shiota Exhibition at New Art Gallery Walsall

On Saturday 22nd March I went to visit the Chiharu Shiota Exhibition with my friend Ash. I was really glad we went as it was an impressive body of work. It's hard to describe the atmosphere the installations created without going yourself, but in a word: creepy.


Night Walk

Last week Pete of Photoschool kindly invited me along to one of his photo night walks. I was glad to finally get out there with my camera again which I don't do often enough. Here are some of the shots I took...


I like how these two almost line up!


Autumn in Brum