Longbridge Light Festival 2014

LLF - Festival Assistant

My role for Longbridge Light Festival was a continuation from my work with the overall Longbridge Public Art Project- LPAP. For the festival, I completed some research surrounding future EU funding, and also coordinated a small part of the festival programme, a lit section of the Route 5 cycle path from Northfield to Longbridge along the River Rea.

In preparation, this included:

  • Workshop planning and facilitation with local schools and community groups - such as rainbows and guides.
  • Sourcing and budgeting of materials and resources to decorate the route.
  • Planning and scheduling volunteers to assist with site management
  • Organising a parade of pedestrians and cyclists to walk the route on the night of the festival.


You can see some lovely shots of the route on the night by Pete Sloan: HERE, HEREHERE and HERE